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Thinking Of Buying A New, Or Replacing Your Existing Garage Door? Buying a garage door doesn’t have to be difficult, or scary. There are just a few steps involved, and there’s always someone available to give you advice.

Step 1; Get Your Garage Ready For A Measure And Quote Unfortunately with a garage door, getting a quote over the phone is not the best way. We really prefer to visit your home and measure up your door opening. This is the only way to get an accurate quote.

Step 2, Once You Are Ready, Call Us Call us anytime for free inspection and quotation!

Step 3, Do You Know What Style Of Door You Want? Look through our website to get an idea of the type of door you want. When we come round to measure, we can offer further advice and opinions on what will suit your needs.

Step 4, Double Check Any Comparison Quotes If you choose to get quotes from multiple dealers, and you notice a price difference between them, make sure you question them; to be sure you are comparing doors that not only look the same, but are of the same quality and thickness and come with the same level of service. After all you don’t want to have to throw your garage door away after only a few years! We can sort out a measure and quote for all types of wooden and metal garage doors, tilt and roller garage doors.

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Service is Our Specialty! We stand behind what we do! The manufacturers of the products we offer have excellent warranties and we, as a company, also warranty our workmanship. You can depend on us to take care of you.

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Everything else you’ll look for is with Aurora Garage Doors Pro! Call us anytime at (720)370-2477 but we will also be very happy if you’ll visit us in store at 11457 E Colorado Dr, Aurora, CO 80012

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